Business Web Hosting

Every website needs a safe place to stay, and we have the perfect home for your business website. We also include e-mail and great hosting support.

All Web Hosting Packages Include:


99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Online Access to Webmail


Full SSD Infrastructure


DDoS (protect & mitigate)


Month-to-Month Contract


Hosting Control Panel


24/7 Technical Support


Local or International DCs


Unlimited Website Traffic


Popular CMS’s Supported


PHP 7 & MySQL Supported


Flexible Payment Options


Spam & Malware Filtering


WordPress easy install


Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)


Daily Incremental Backups


Unlimited Tech Support

We automatically provide unlimited technical support with regards to your hosting package, free of charge.

This doesn’t mean unlimited edits to your website or even website recovery (except for restoring a backup) of a self-managed website.

That is related to website upkeep, not web hosting.

However, if we designed your website (or if it is a managed website), we can do edits to your website. We can also recover your website if necessary (apart from restoring a backup).

See our FAQs below for more details. However, with regards to your web hosting, all support is included free of charge.


Managed Websites Include Web Hosting & Web Design

All our managed websites already include website hosting and the initial website design.

Most managed website packages also include any edits to your website and even a website redesign when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need business website hosting & e-mail, we can help. However, it might be good to take a quick look at our most frequently asked questions & their answers before you just jump in.

Can you make changes to my website for me?

It depends. If you hired another developer, probably not. We can help you make changes to database connections, etc. on a file level. Usually, we can’t update content in the database. If someone else designed your website, we don’t have access (i.e. login details).

Can you make changes to a website you designed?

Yes, for sure. If we designed your website or if it is a managed website, we can do edits to it or recover it if necessary. Most of our managed website packages already include unlimited website edits. A website edit is when you make changes to the website content.

Can I access my e-mail from a mobile device?

Yes. Your e-mail can be accessed from any device – Apple Mac & Windows desktops & laptops, and Apple & Android phones & tablets (including iPhone & iPad). You can also login to webmail from any other computer e.g. at an internet café. All at the same time too.

Can you help me set up my e-mail on a PC or tablet?

Yes. We have self-help guides available that will help you get your e-mail configured. Our self-help guides take you through the process step-by-step and include screenshots (so you know you’re on the right track). If you don’t manage, we can also get it done for you.

Can you help me set up e-mail at our offices?

Definitely. We can help you through it step-by-step. Also, if you have IT techs at your office, we can help them too – if needed. Otherwise, we can even have one of our remote support technicians log in and configure the e-mail for you, on all your office computers.

What if I already have web hosting somewhere else?

If you are unhappy with your current hosting provider, we can help clear up any issues you have with them. If you just want to move, let us know and we can transfer your hosting to us. Transfers can be a pain, but with all our experience, we make the process quick & easy.

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