On-Page SEO

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Get a Comprehensive SEO Audit Report indicating which areas on your page need to be addressed. In addition, we will fix the basic on-page elements that require attention.

Basic on-page elements are not sitewide elements such as:

  • HTTPS or HSTS implementation on a website.
  • Implementing a sitemap for users or a sitemap for search engines.
  • Implementing a robots.txt file.
  • Implementing and configuring a .htaccess file.
  • Ensuring a mobile Viewport has been configured.
  • Ensuring that the page language has been declared.

We can definitely address sitewide elements for you, but that is outside the scope of this service page. This service page deals only with on-page elements.

For larger SEO projects and sitewide configuration changes, please get in touch with us and let’s discuss what needs to be done (after doing a proper needs analysis).


Examples of on-page elements are:

  • Adding or optimising the Page title.
  • Adding or optimising the page’s META description.
  • Adding or optimising image ALT text.
  • Adding or optimising H1 – H6 headings (header tags).
  • Checking for keyword consistency and making minor adjustments – or providing suggestions for improvement.
  • Checking for and fixing (or removing) broken links.
  • Checking the page’s content quality and suggesting improvements on thin content pages.
  • Checking for page references in your existing sitemap and ensuring no resources are blocked by your robots.txt.
  • Checking if the page’s URL is Search Engine Friendly (SEF).
  • Checking and suggesting improvements regarding the on-page link structure.
  • Ensuring your page is configured with an analytics tool such as Google Analytics (free) or Crazy Egg (paid).
  • Ensuring that images on the page are optimised.
  • Ensuring that applicable social links are referenced on the page (not structured data “same as” references).

Afterwards, we will provide you with a second SEO Audit Report to show that the basic on-page problems have been fixed. Sitewide problems might still exist, but these are outside the scope of this service.

We can discuss a complete SEO project where all on-page and sitewide elements are addressed. Get in touch with us for project specific details or to discuss a new project.

The listed price is a one-time, per-page fee. Please include the URLs of all pages you want to improve in the order notes box at checkout. We will get in touch with you regarding login / FTP credentials.


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